Crabgrass Preventer

It’s time to apply crab­grass pre­ven­ter before the soil tem­per­a­ture gets too warm.

Once the soil tem­per­a­ture rises to around 55 degrees, crab­grass will begin to ger­mi­nate below the soil’s surface.

Crab­grass pre­ven­ter is is often called “pre-emergence.” Why? Pre– means before, and emer­gence means an out­growth of plant to the sur­face. Hence, crab­grass pre­ven­ter helps stop the growth before it emerges from soil.

If one, how­ever, waits too late in the sea­son to apply crab­grass pre­ven­ter, it will not work. And if one breaks the soils, the bar­rier will be broke, and the resis­tance will be less.

Crab­grass will dis­play its ugly plant in the sum­mer months, but one must take a proac­tive approach in order to get best results.

Crab­grass is an annual grass(or weed, if you would like to call it). It dies around the sec­ond frost.

Allow Turf Touch to help with your crab­grass needs, for we have the expe­ri­ence to know the right prod­ucts to apply and how to apply them.

Another tip, crab­grass loves sun­light and heat, so if your lawn is in the open, you will have a worse crab­grass prob­lem than the shaded areas.

Remem­ber: An ounce of pre­ven­tion is worth a pound of cure. Plan well.

Until we meet again, good rid­dance to the ugly crabgrass.

–Turf Touch®

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