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Lime Yard, by Turf Touch

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Winter’s a good time of year to lime yard, even though lime can be applied any time of year.

Lime will add cal­cium and mag­ne­sium, and it will neu­tral­ize acid, which is caused by tree, shrubs, fer­til­iz­ers, soil types and other issues.

Lime will cre­ate a healthy root base.

Lime must be applied heav­ily, one or two bags will not do, apply ten to fif­teen bags(40–50# bags) on an aver­age 10,000 sq. ft. lawn.

One Caveat: DO NOT apply lime to CENTIPEDE lawns.

Turf Touch will be glad to do this ser­vice for you, if you so desire.

Until we meet, keep your lawn green.

Turf Touch

Time To Seed And Aerate Fescue Lawns

Friday, August 27th, 2010

A friendly reminder that it’s time to seed and aer­ate fes­cue lawns.

Please call Turf Touch to sched­ule your seed­ing job.

Turf Touch